KHHOP belongs to theĀ People, theĀ City, theĀ Nations...
but most of all to the King of kings.

The foundations of Kingā€™s Hill House of Prayer are in prayer and scripture. Kingā€™s Hill House of Prayer is made up of believers reflective of the Body of Christ that adhere to the Apostleā€™s Creed and the unwavering truth found in the Bible.

Strategic Location

Located at the highest geographical point closest to downtown Nashville and overlooking the city from the North, KHHOP is three private residences built on three acres. Kingā€™s Hill House of Prayer serves as a strategic location to welcome the presence of the Lord and model an Isaiah 56:7 house of prayer for all nations.

Live Webcam from King's Hill House of Prayer

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Webcam from King's Hill House of Prayer

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Our Purpose

TO MINISTER TO THE LORD NIGHT AND DAY similar to the tabernacle of David in Isaiah 56:7.

TO HAVE DAILY PRAYER WATCHES led by residents of KHHOP & community, modeled after the historic Moravian watch, ensuring “the fire on the altar must not go out” (Lev 6:13).

TO BUILD AND CULTIVATE A PRAYER HOUSE COMMUNITY of worshippers, prayer intercessors and writing songs from the heart of Jesus.

TO GROW A LOCAL AND GLOBAL PRAYER NETWORK like the 120 gathered in the upper room, Ezra’s 120 priests, and modern-day Israel’s 120 legislative representatives. We seek a new move of God in the earth to usher in revival.

TO FUNCTION AS A HOUSE OF PRAYER FOR ALL NATIONS BY UTILIZING TECHNOLOGY to engage with local and global partners and intercede for nations like a central hub connected to many spokes.

TO VALUE AND CULTIVATE UNITY WITHIN THE BODY OF CHRIST by having a full representation of many diverse denominations participating together in daily worship and intercession.

TO CHANGE THE ATMOSPHERE as seen in Acts 16:22-34 and invite Heaven into the circumstances of our city, region, nation, and the nations of the world.