King's Hill House of Prayer

(1) Download the Microsoft Teams free app if you do not already have it.
(2) Then click here to join the online meeting.
(3) When prompted, join the meeting as a Guest and please enter your name so we know who you are on the call.


Join by phone by clicking this link on your phone to join the meeting. Note: It may take up to 10 seconds for the dialing sequence to complete and connect you to the meeting.
Or dial 901-341-5249. Wait until you hear the call connect and then enter the conference id: 142645292#
If you experience issues with joining by phone, please join by using Microsoft Teams per the instructions above.

Our Protocols:
• Please mute yourself when you are not speaking or praying
• If you are coming in online mute or unmute with the microphone icon which should be at the top right of your screen. On your phone *6 to mute/unmute
• Do not unmute to pray if there is loud or distracting background noise. Also mute microphone and turn off camera when eating.
• Raise or lower hand to pray with that icon on computer or *5 to raise or lower hand on the phone and there is a raise or lower hand icon if you are coming online.
• We don’t recommend participants having 2 active devices in the same room as this will likely cause audio feedback.
• Please make sure to dress modestly and appropriately during the calls if your camera is on.

Person praying